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Our Provisions

Regardless to if you’ve been effected by earthquake, lightning, hurricane, fire, windstorm or another cause, the insurance claim process is a difficult one. We begin our provisions by making sure that our clients are within the obligations of their contract to avoid facing ineligibility of benefit or claim awards. We work to make sure that the reason of the losses are assessed correctly so that the provisions of the policy are applied appropriately. We make a professional determination of the extremes of damage and the comparable loss as associated to the various coverage types. We work to identify what the unique sub-limits, Extensions, Exclusions and Added Coverage mean in regards to your individual claim. This includes the necessary documentation of what is done and not done by the insurer at every phase of the process of claim to be certain that they carry out their responsibilities in regards to you and the claim you’ve filed.

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Rubin & Rosen insurance adjusters provide the highest degree of knowledge and professionalism necessary to, assess, devise, represent and validate the claim filed on your behalf. We are committed to you and your rights as an insured. We begin by conducting a detailed review of the conditions surrounding your claim. We provide professional assistance, constructive guidance and knowledge of the claims process that will help you piece together the complicated puzzle and supply you with the missing pieces. Years of experience and claim representation has allowed us to expand our knowledge and get you the best settlement amount possible for the loss you have endured.

Another service that we proudly offer is the specialized concept of appraisal for damages. Some may refer to this as a process of binding arbitration. If a claim process reaches a deadlock with the insurance carrier, appraisal panel members make certain that you are given the appropriate consideration and that your voice is heard.

We are committed to providing the professional service and often advise attorneys on insurance claims matters. However, we are not attorneys and do not provide legal counsel. Our staff is full knowledgable of the laws and regulations that bind and instruct your claim process.

Client Testimonials

Public Adjusters of New York and New Jersey

Anytime your home or other dwelling has been ruined or severely damaged, it is essential that you protect your property and the interest of your investment by enlisting the services of a Rubin and Rosen. We can provide the assistance you need by helping you to work through the entire insurance process. A Rubin and Rosen Public Adjuster is expertly trained in analyzing the extent of the damage to the property in order to make a proper assessment.

We Work For You Not the Insurance Company

Rubin & Rosen Adjusters is on YOUR team. We help you navigate the insurance policy and the claim process maze. We research, document and substantiate your damages and assert your right to recover from the insurance company. Without the guidance and assistance of experienced professionals, most insured consumers are at the mercy of the insurance company. Would you represent yourself in a court of law? We bring together the people and resources necessary to yield the best results for YOU.